“The Original” Squid Skirts offers the largest selection in the world of trolling lure skirts, fishing hoochie skirts, octopus skirts, and replacement fishing skirts. With over 100 premium hoochie colors in stock, you’re sure to find the perfect octopus skirt for your ocean fishing lure. You’ll also find a huge selection of fishing lures for sale including squid trolling lures, tuna trolling lures, and a variety of other saltwater trolling lures.

For the best Hoochie Lures, check out the Squid Skirt Hoochie Lures. These lures are designed to be trolled or cast and are extremely effective at attracting and catching all types of game fish including tuna, sailfish, marlin, mahi, etc.

For deep water fishing, check out the Everything Eats Squid Glow In The Dark Lure. Not only do they look awesome, they also have an intense glow in the dark that attracts everyting around it. Cast it, troll it, jig it, or drop it to the bottom, you can't go wrong with this lure.

When your fishing trip calls for slaying tuna, marlin, mahi, and other big game fish, you’ll definitely want to fish with Squid Skirts Daisy Chains and Daisy Chain Leaders. The use of Daisy Chains with our Big Game Tuna Lures, Marlin Lures, and Mahi Lures trolling behind will increase your catch rate and could be the difference between having a good day fishing and a not so good day.

We at “The Original” Squid Skirts pride ourselves in stocking the highest quality fishing tackle, express delivery service, secure online transactions, and honest advice, but most importantly the products you order will be in stock ready to ship out the very next day. We’re constantly adding products to our store, so come back often and have fun!

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